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$ 20.00

Humor is No Laughing Matter                     



Humor has long been recognized as an essential tool in the complete and accurate transfer of information. In addition to reducing your stress levels, this book is also intended to assist you in improving your performance and productivity through the effective use of humor.

Motivation Matters

A treasury of quotes and thoughts to motivate you at work and inspire you in life. In this book I am privileged to share with you the ideas of selected experts on this human experience in an attempt to repay the immense value they have afforded me throughout my life.

$ 20.00

PPH  cover copy.jpg

The Practical Pumping Handbook

This comprehensive and reader-friendly book contains essential information for everyone involved in the reliable operation of industrial pumps. Although it covers theory where needed, its strength is in its down-to-earth and practical approach and the straightforward use of language.

$ 120.00

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