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Ross is still available to speak at:

                      Sales Conferences and Meetings

                                       After Dinner Events

                                                          Toastmaster Meetings

                                                                             Burns Suppers

A few of his more popular presentations are as follows:

The Reality of Goal Achievement

Learn how to achieve any goal you set for yourself. Yes, it is possible, but requires you going far beyond the well-known and simplistic exercises of setting goals. This presentation will reveal how to involve an important ability you already have, but rarely use.

smiley face super happy.jpg
Humor is No Laughing Matter

Are you becoming a little too stressed out in your life and work? Ross Mackay will demonstrate how to introduce a healthy dose of humor and enhance your enjoyment of life. You’ll also learn the 7 rules of humor increase the impact of your business presentations.

Scottish Thistle.jpg
The Life and Work of Robert Burns

"From scenes like these, auld Scotia's grandeur springs. That mak's her loved at hame, revered abroad.....". Drawing on a strong Scottish heritage and an early love of the life and work of Scotland’s National Bard, Ross is available to present a stirring Toast to the Immortal Memory at your Burns Supper.

"Whether he is challenging your intellect or touching your heart, Ross Mackay will always be tickling your funny bone."

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