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"What a great program. Reminded me
of when I went dancing
as a youngster."

Entertainment for Seniors

"Musical Memories"
Ross Mackay
As a young man, Ross Mackay was a featured singer with big bands and dance orchestras in and around his home town of Glasgow, Scotland.
50 years later he has rekindled his love for the resounding big band music he sang during that time, and has developed this program for his fellow seniors who may still enjoy the memories generated by the 'golden oldies'. These are the songs to which they jitterbugged and jived as they danced the night away and will now will lead them down Memory Lane.
Thanks to the advancements in technology, Ross is able to bring you his music with professional quality musical orchestrations as an accompaniment to his singing in a manner similar to that for which he used to need 15 - 20 musicians on stage with him.
Singing along is actively encouraged....
                                 even if you don't know the right words!
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